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The Winery

Over 200 years old.

1806 is engraved on a schist stone on the road to our mill and indicates its year of construction.

With four shale mills (one with a capacity of 1650 liters and three with a capacity of 5500 liters) still in use, we are able to produce almost 20000 liters simultaneously, but with the ability to give a personal touch to every drop of our precious wine.


Despite the great advantage of being able to produce our wine in shale mills, which allow a naturally low temperature, we decided to invest in a new refrigeration system in order to avoid high temperatures during fermentation.

The winemaking process will continue to respect the traditional method while taking advantage of the advantages of new technologies.


Winemaking in Wine Press

Winemaking continues, as in ancient times, to be made in a traditional schist mill where the grapes are deposited and trampled on foot.

Because the work of repisa is quite monotonous, especially at night, Hugo invented a unique mechanical system that complements the “traditional” effort.

Aging Phase

For aging, we are equipped with Stainless Steel vats (total capacity of 35000 liters) and 140 oak casks (total capacity of 32200 liters). With this storage capacity, we can let the wine rest for the first 9 to 12 months in stainless steel vats and later another 9 to 18 months in oak casks, to acquire a final touch.


Laboratory Assistance

During the harvest our grapes and must are taken successively to an independent laboratory, in order to receive suggestions regarding the recommended treatment during the fermentation process.

Also during the aging process, samples of the wine are taken to the Laboratory every month to understand the evolution of the wine.


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