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3 x Pinalta Classic 2015

Pinalta Classic 2015 is an exceptional, intense and delicate Douro wine.

Pinalta Classic was produced from the fruits of mature vineyards on the typical banks of the Douro, surrounded by a somewhat rugged landscape, composed of imposing fragments, wild animals and a unique microclimate generated by the proximity of the river.

Technical Data

Weight 3.6 kg


Total Acidity

5,8 g/L (tartaric acid)

Reducing Sugars

1,0 g/L




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PinAlta Sorrir do Sol


Pinalta Classic 2015 was produced from traditional red grape varieties from the Douro region: 60% Touriga Franca, 20% Tinta Roriz and 20% Tinta Barroca. The grapes were selected in their own vineyards located in the Pinhão valley, an area where they reach exceptional ripeness and acidity.

Harvest and Vinification

The grapes were picked by hand, being destemmed and smashed gently on arrival at the winery. Vinification took place in shale mills, with foot treading and skin maceration.

Maturation and Storage

The wines that make up the Pinalta Classic 2015 aged in oak barrels about 2 years before bottling. After a careful selection, the final batch was prepared, which was bottled and aged in the bottle before being placed on the market. Pinalta Classic 2015 is a wine of superior quality that can be kept for several years. It should be kept lying down, in a cool and dry place.

Tasting Notes

The aroma is intense and complex with red fruit and black fruit (jam, black fruits, prunes). Smoked notes, spices (white pepper), vanilla and coffee also appear.

In the mouth, it is a full-bodied and balanced wine, with marked tannins, lively and fresh acidity and an intense aroma. It has a long and penetrating finish and can be consumed now or wait for evolution in the bottle for several years.

It is a solid and classic Douro wine.

Serving Suggestions

Pinalta Classic 2015 goes well with red meat, game and intense cheese dishes. To reach its fullness, it must be opened 1-2 hours before serving. It may need decanting because it has not been filtered, for better aging. It should be served between 16º and 18ºC.